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Preventing Equipment and Machine Breakdowns Course: Practical Predictive Maintenance Techniques

The workshop focuses on modern maintenance methods and techniques, with emphasis on selecting the right maintenance work and undertaking it at the right time, having analysed and understood actual and potential failures and how to deal with them. Experience is proving that PPM programmes, when property implements, can minimize equipment and system breakdowns, resulting in a major reduction in total maintenance and operating costs. Upon completion of this workshop delegates will: Understand what is meant by “World Class Maintenance” Understand Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Understand how to develop effective equipment maintenance plans Appreciate the importance of maintenance in ensuring safe and reliable plant operation Programme Content Efficient Maintenance - Prerequisite For 'World Class Manufacturing' Life Cycle Cost of Equipment, Bathtub Curve for the Machine Types of Maintenance Concept Of 'Critical' Machine Why Preventive Maintenance? Fundamentals and Pre-Requisites of Preventive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance (Condition Monitoring) Techniques for Predictive Maintenance - Vibration Monitoring, Thermograph, Tribology, Process Parameter Monitoring Benefits of Predictive Maintenance How to Proceed in Practice? Experience Sharing Boilers and Burners Boiler Types Gas-Fired Boilers Oil-Fired Boilers Chillers Air Cooled Equipment: Cooling Towers, Purge Compressors Load Control Direct Expansion Refrigeration Pumps Water Systems Steam Systems Alignment, Seals, Flexible Couplings, Lubrication, Noise Reduction Air Handling Units Coil: Cleaning, Freeze Protection Fan: Cleaning And Balancing The Wheel, Lubrication, Drive Maintenance Variable Frequency Drives: Noise Reduction Cabinet Leakage Prevention Steam Traps Air Elimination and Pressure Control for Water Systems Heat Exchangers Steam to Water Water to Water Cleaning, Checking Air Elimination, Checking Vacuum Breakers Miscellaneous Air Systems Dual Duct Induction Units Grilles and Registers Maintaining Peak Equipment Efficiency as It Applies to The Above Outlined Systems. How To: Perform Daily Inspections Schedule and Perform Routine Maintenance Maintain Operating Logs Maintain Spare Parts Inventory and Tools Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Systems Motors and Starters Diagnostics Inspection Belt Drives Lubrication Vibration Analysis Panels and Switchgear Thermal Scanning Power Factor Grounding Transformers Electrical Tighten-Up phone: 08037192728

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4th Jul, 2020 - 6th Jul, 2020




Tue 8:00am-4:00pm

Wed 8:00am-4:00pm

Thur 8:00am-4:00pm


Gate fee (₦): 120,000

Organized by: CITED

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