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Training on Business Analytics with Excel

Starts: 26th May, 2021

Location: The Professional Place: 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2


The training is a compilation of the most important methods used for financial analysis in business. The first part is an introduction to financial modelling (from selecting tools to conceptual model building). The next part is the practical applicability in which we deal with a great number of examples discovering new techniques and advanced features of Excel needed in business analysis. The last part is dedicated to building financial models and tackling popular problems of financial analysis with the help of the trainer. The training is highly practical; participants work on solutions of business problems with a trainer’s assistance. Due to this approach, participants discover a great number of applicable solutions which may be later used in a lot of situations. Who is this training for? The training is aimed at people who deal with preparing analyses and financial models in Excel. What will I learn? Create effective financial models in Excel Verify and bulletproof financial calculations Use advanced Excel functions such as Vlookup or Index Create appropriate references and control calculations stages Use Excel functions to format your models Learn to model interests, ROI, depreciation Use pivot tables to aggregate data and present the output Use VBA to automatize repetitive tasks Create scenarios and model-based simulations Create presentations with Excel Course outline Introduction to business modelling with Excel Building financial model Modelling techniques Financial modelling with Excel Financial modelling functions Formatting tools in Excel Financial modelling tools Financial model examples Stress testing, Scenario modelling, Sensitivity risk analysis Graphical model presentation Prerequisites: Basic MS Excel Blessing Aguta 09080022449, 08058805333

Ogun Digital Summit

Starts: 4th Mar, 2021



Ogun Digital Summit is at the heart of bringing together great minds and ideas that will results into blueprints to the enhancement of digital technology in the nation. This summit is open to youths and young minds who are ready to see how to make professional use of digital technology as a springboard to advance your enterprise. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with leading and emerging innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors and other stakeholders on how to become more innovative and use innovation to drive sustainable development. Technology has greatly shaped the art and entertainment industry over the recent years. However, there is a wide gap that needs to be closed. It is not enough to use technology; you must use it in the right manner. This session will grant you insights into how you can harness technology in the modern use of arts, media and entertainment. Phone: 0806 836 5951

Ogun Digital Summit

Starts: 28th Jan, 2021



Ogun Digital Summit is at the heart of bringing together great minds and ideas that will results into blueprints to the enhancement of digital technology in the nation. This summit is open to youths and young minds who are ready to see how to make professional use of digital technology as a springboard to advance your enterprise. Phone: 0906 122 3395

IFN Nigeria OnAir Forum

Starts: 16th Nov, 2020

Location: Lagos


With its Sukuk aspirations finally realized in 2017 and its only Islamic bank receiving an international operating license, Nigeria has a lot to offer to the global Islamic finance industry. The African nation has been steadily giving stiff competition to its neighbours like South Africa, Uganda and Djibouti on the Shariah front and with its debut sovereign Sukuk, Nigeria sealed its place at the top of the regional Islamic finance league. Join IFN as it convenes industry experts and decision-makers at its inaugural IFN Nigeria Forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Nigerian Islamic finance market. Join IFN as it convenes industry experts and decision-makers at its inaugural IFN Nigeria Forum to discuss on the challenges and opportunities in the Nigerian Islamic finance market. For registration:

Africa Conference on Development Journalism

Starts: 2nd Dec, 2020

Location: Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF)


"The Leading Development Journalism Conference in Africa" We welcome you to join us at the Africa Conference on Development Journalism (ACDJ)! The conference hosts influential journalists, bloggers, academics, human right activists and development partners from Africa and beyond. The ACDJ focuses on development journalism skills, trends in practice, academic research and findings, use of innovative media technologies and provide opportunities for networking. The Conference at a broader level seeks to explore the place of Development Journalism and media in Africa in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations. AMDF believes that no development programme and project can succeed without the active engagement of Media. Highlights The conference feature Talks, Panel Discussions, Workshops, Exhibitions and Networking Opportunities Focus: Sustainable Development Goals, Development Journalism, Media Technologies, Press Freedom, etc Targeted industry: Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Photo Journalism, New & Social Media Phone: 0805 432 7531


Starts: 6th Sep, 2020

Location: The Rulership Church. 101 NTA Road Mgbouba Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt


This event is a three hour practical session on Podcasting. You will be able to Launch a podcast Grow your podcast And Earn from Podcasting Phone: 0703 715 4753

Business Presentation and Persuasive Public Speaking Skills Course

Starts: 21st Oct, 2020

Location: Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Divisional Police Station, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony


Business Presentation and Persuasive Public Speaking Skills Programme Description The training addresses: sales presentation proposals presentation reports presentation. Participants also practice technical lecture special speaking situation (e.g. post-dinner speech) motivational speaking. Broad Competencies Addressed Confidence in handling presentations Planning for presentation roles, cues and equipment Exploiting the secrets of great presenters Using the three dimensions to obtaining favourable decisions Adept at asking for and get the desired decision. Course Contents Day One Central Competence Factors that must be considered before presenting Opening style Holding attention Audience concentration curve Interests – the peaks and the lows Eye contact Gesticulations Stage management Presentation tool - everything counts Do sweat the details Final count down Show time Managing stage fright Day Two Business Pitch Overview of a Presentation that Grabs Who are the Players? Your Presentation Objective Simple 3 Step Approach. Sales Presentation How to be persuasive and lead a potential buyer to purchase a product or service How to discover the true purchase authority How to focus the sales presentation on the central authority How to clearly demonstrate that the presenter’s offering surpasses other options available. Elevator Ride Pitch Precision Thinking on your feet Time bound. Day Three Proposal/Ideas Presentation What every Proposal Presentation should include: Informative Persuasive Report Presentation Relevant Audio-Visuals Aids “Seeing is Believing” Speaker Gains Presentation Aids – technical considerations Types of Presentation Aids Body Movement and Stage Management Time Management Tricks Around Stage Fright. PowerPoint Skills Create Presentation Add Slides Enter Text Format Text - Font Styles and Effects Adding a Picture Adding ClipArt Create a Statistical Table Convert Statistical Table into Charts Slide Show Effects – Transitions, Slide Animation Save a Presentation Note: Available as Classroom Training as Well as Online Training Phone: 08033019120

Effective Crisis Management Practice Course

Starts: 7th Jul, 2020

Location: Bus-Stop, 105 Ikorodu Rd, Fadeyi, Ikeja


Whether you are presenting your business ideas or attempting to resolve a conflict within your company or team, communication is a key to reaching your goal. The aim of this course is to assist you in becoming a more effective communicator by learning how to identify people’s thinking patterns and preferred learning methods and by tailoring your communication accordingly. You will learn how to use every resource you have available to elevate your speeches and presentations from mundane to captivating. Moreover, in this course, you will learn how to resolve even the most problematic conflicts using a variety of approaches and proven techniques. You will identify your preferred conflict resolution style and learn how to adapt it to tackle the situations you may face as well as become equipped with the ability to diffuse conflicts and use them as a platform for positive change. Course Objectives By the end of the course, participants will be able to: Identify the different types of crises and their aspects List the various principles of crisis communication Devise crisis management processes aimed at mitigating potential crises in their organizations Demonstrate the benefits of using the media in a crisis situation Evaluate and prioritize the dimensions involved in crisis communication management Analyze and interpret results achieved through crisis communication management Course outline Basis of crisis communication Definition of a crisis Overview of communication Various types of crises Key aspects of a crisis Evolution of a crisis Principles of crisis communications Setting your clear objective Responding quickly Accepting responsibility Appropriate messaging Profiling your audience Showing and maintaining credibility Coordinating with others Continuous monitoring Crisis management process Pre-crisis phase Crisis Management Plan (CMP) Crisis Management Team (CMT) The spokesperson's role Crisis event phase Initial response Reputation repair Post crisis phase Lessons learned Follow up with communication Crisis communication and media Media and communication Media as a partner in crisis response Social media and crisis communication Social media as a beneficial tool or a challenge Dynamic use of social media in crisis communication Dimensions of crisis communication management Standard operating decisions dimension Victims management dimension Trust and credibility dimension Behaviour dimension Professional expectations dimension Ethical dimension Lessons learned How to measure your results in a crisis Measuring outputs Measuring impact Measuring outcomes Steps for a measurement program Defining your objectives Defining your audience Defining your criteria and benchmarks Deciding upon your timing, budget and measurements tools Analyzing results for conclusions and recommendations Who should attend Managers/Directors who have responsibilities for crisis management and those who wish to acquire requisite skills for future roles in managing crisis. Methodology The method of training for each module is highly participatory. And training sessions will include: Exciting practical group exercises, Role-plays Case studies Live instructions Video presentations Explicit practical examples PowerPoint presentations Contact: Dr Chris Egbu +2348023194131

Writing and Delivery of Impactful Reports and Presentation Skills Course

Starts: 7th Jul, 2020

Location: Bus-Stop, 105 Ikorodu Rd, Fadeyi, Ikeja


An effective report can move people towards taking a desired course of action. Moreover, the quality of a report can influences how its subject matter is perceived by the reader. In this course, we will describe the different types of reports. We will master the structuring and scoping of reports, from conception to completion. We will also learn to write for our specific audience with a tangible sense of purpose. We will discover a logical approach towards developing visual aids to support our representation of the facts, conclusions and recommendations that comprise the report. As part of being an effective communicator and influencer, it is essential to be able to present with confidence and professionalism. Through this course, participants will be given live coaching around their presentation style. They will be shown best practice on how to use their voice, body movements, and choice of wording. Through repetition, they will grow in confidence as one by one, the skills are layered. They will also be shown how to create a well-structured presentation and how to interact professionally with their visual aids, including PowerPoint. Course Objectives By the end of the course, participants will be able to: Write purposeful business and technical reports that meet readers' requirements Utilize different templates and report types to achieve reporting objectives Generate reliable conclusions effectively by researching, analyzing and organizing information Provide evidence-backed recommendations to support management decision making Use visual aids appropriately to support the presentation of information Apply advanced methodologies to make every report a winning report Utilize the pillars of effective communication Control difficult conversations without feeling guilty Apply the win-win mind-set and become assertive Design and deliver an impactful, professional presentation Overcome anxiety when presenting Become a confident, professional communicator Course outline The report writing process Report writing overview 5 easy steps to report writing Understanding your audience Articulating intended purpose Planning content and style Employing essential writing building blocks Business writing: express or impress? Reporting structure Structuring tools Arranging different sections of a report Writing captivating introductions Conducting research and analysis Delivering evidence-backed findings Deriving unbiased conclusions Tools and methodologies for deriving recommendations Bringing it all together: a cohesive and coherent report Story telling elements Report types and templates Recognizing different reporting structures Matching reports to situations 6 reporting types Investigative reports Progress and status reports Periodic reports Instructional reports Proposals Financial reports Reporting templates The power of visual aids Using visual aids Principles for designing visual aids Recognizing different visual aids The role of visual aids Applying principles of design Using images, diagrams, graphs, charts and tables for impact Integrating visual aids into a report Essential visual aid checklist Reports that win Elements of winning reports Using writing tone effectively Applying scientific tools and methodologies Mastering the 'so what?' Building rapport Mastering editing techniques Designing a professional presentation The key elements Problem: what problem? PowerPoint Its uses and flaws Other methods of presenting Delivering a presentation that has impact The 3 channels of communication and presenting Posture Legs and feet Arms and hands Gestures Delivering without notes or props Use of the voice Facial expressions The words used Overcoming anxiety when presenting Planning and preparation Rehearsal Top tips for calming nerves Visualizing success Powerful communication skills Understanding perceptions and how we create them Knowing how to make small adjustments for big changes Realizing the power of confident communication Staying calm in a crisis Methodology Participants will be required to put their acquired knowledge into practice through the development of progress, status, periodic, investigative and instructional reports. They will also practice the development of charts and performance dashboards. Phone: Dr Chris Egbu +2348023194131

Client Feedback Studies Course

Starts: 11th Aug, 2020

Location: Bus-Stop, 105 Ikorodu Rd, Fadeyi, Ikeja


Without satisfied clients a business will risk failure or slow decline. Companies should treat most feedback from clients with the utmost gravity and if necessary integrate client’s views into strategic planning. This course looks at different ways to approach clients for feedback and discusses how client input is relevant to the business from many different perspectives. It explains: How to structure a feedback questionnaire How to integrate client opinions effectively How to deal with any negative comments or complaints Course level: Intermediate Who should attend? Professionals Business developer Client care. Contact: Dr Chris Egbu +234 8023194131

Transforming Writers into Authors

Starts: 3rd Jun, 2020

Location: Merit House, 22 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama


Book Society of Nigeria helps writers become published authors with a presence in the market. By an aspiring author who recognized the need for a simple and effective self-publishing process, providing premier book publishing and marketing services to authors. Book Society of Nigeria is committed to providing the highest level of customer service available in publishing. Each of our authors is assigned a publishing consultant, who spends hours guiding them through each step of the publishing process. By choosing a combination of tools and services that best suits their goals, authors retain all rights and maintain editorial control. At Book Society of Nigeria, you control your own publishing destiny. Phone: 0902 061 6563

Digital Marketing Master Class

Starts: 4th Apr, 2020

Location: Plot 24, Ogunnusi Road, Omole, Ikeja


Digital Marketing Master Class is focused on explaining what Digital Marketing is all about, how it works and how to maximize its tools. Therefore, our Digital Marketing Courses aim at enabling Small and Medium-scale Enterprise know how to Attract and Retain High Paying and Loyal Customers using Digital and Social Media Tools. Contact: 08035106014

Yes, She Can!

Starts: 28th Mar, 2020

Location: Sunfit Hotel, Plot 327, 329 Rabiu Babatunde Tinubu Road, Festac Town


WomenWill Festac in collaboration with GBG Festac invites you to 'Yes, She Can!' conference. ******Featuring keynote address from renowned Nollywood actress/Media personality- Dolapo Oni-Sijuwade And panel discussion on the #IWD2020 theme with Temtope Ooye( Digital Marketing Consultant) Nkem Okocha (Social Entrepreneur/Founder-Mamamoni) Jokotade Shonowo (Creative Director,PoshClick Portraiture) Chika Ilang (Personal and Process Improvement Expert) Join us as we strive to build a gender equal world in this event that would be a gathering for talks on how to be a voice, an active player and key stakeholder in all that matters affecting women in the homefront, workplace, business and everywhere both locally and globally Who should attend: Ladies (Undergraduate students/Start Up Owners and Small and Medium Business Owners/ Career women) Foe enquiry: 0809 632 0300

Digital Transformation Summit

Starts: 11th Jun, 2020

Location: Oriental Hotel


Digital Transformation Summit is the largest gathering of digital transformation experts, business leaders and global disruptor focused on African businesses, it is dedicated to provide African businesses opportunity leverage digital transformation initiatives and solutions position their businesses for global competitive advantage. The summit include case study presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussion and technical workshops focused on key strategies, technology and solutions for developing and reaching targeted DX goals. Participants will walk away from the summit with tools and insights to map out their organization’s digital transformation (DX) efforts. Participants will learn how to build a DX IT infrastructure that makes their brand compete globally and empower their employees with fast, organized workflows using top-of-the-line tools using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automation, Big data analytics and many more. Email Phone +234 7034600322 | +234 7034599517|

Bagauda Kaltho Memorial Media Lecture

Starts: 5th May, 2020

Location: Kaduna


The Annual Lecture series focuses on media and journalism practice – its role in shaping democracy and press freedom in Africa and is observed on dates around the World Press Freedom Day. This Lecture series, apart from immortalizing Mr. James Bagauda Kaltho, a Nigerian investigative journalist who went missing in the line of duty in 1996, will also serve as a guide to media professionals in finding bearing, as well as contribute to the body of knowledge in Africa. Highlights Lecture, Panel and Interaction Reach us on: 08054327531

Superior Customer Service Training

Starts: 16th Dec, 2019

Location: Lagos Learning Centre, 1A Unity Road, Ikeja


The purpose of the program is to develop customer service skills that increase value to the participant’s company and career, recognizing that service delivery is an “individual response value” and that one’s own behaviour impacts others. Participants will also develop more confidence and skill as problem-solvers and make customer service a team approach. Consumer Affairs Managers, Customer Care Managers, Customer Service Representatives, indoor/show-room Sales Officers and Call Center Executives. Dr. Gosim Martin, Director of Program +2348034963464

4th Lagos Digital Public Relations Summit

Starts: 16th Oct, 2019

Location: Sheraton Lagos Hotel, 30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way


The Summit is a two-day experiential gathering of communicators to garner collective intelligence to operate in the algorithmic ecosystem. About this Event The Lagos Digital Public Relations Summit is a two-day experiential gathering of communicators focused on achieving collective intelligence to equip and capacitate communicators in corporate and public affairs with high-level digital public relations strategies, tactics and how-to’s so they can do their jobs better and lift their social media campaign results. This edition is in partnership with multinational technology companies specializing in Internet-related services, social media and social networking services and products and leading digital marketing communications firms.


Starts: 28th Oct, 2019

Location: ikeja


Transform your Customer Service and deliver exceptionally to your clients. The more you care and amaze your customers the more your business will explode. Increased Customer Satisfaction = Increased Business/Profit This is a paid event, for details click call 08096487836 or email

Mastering Corporate Communications Course

Starts: 3rd Dec, 2019

Location: Abuja


In today’s world of complex internal and external communications needs, and the ever increasing demands of the digital age and morphing target audiences, we need to be better prepared to compete in this demanding and sometimes confusing landscape for the little memory space left in our audiences’ attention-span. This course will provide an intimate understanding of the Corporate Communications landscape and the elements involved in developing strategies to promote the work of your organisation. Organisations are usually careful to preserve the sensitivities of their clients and the issues they deal with. The course will offer tools and advice for anyone involved in corporate communications to deal with the balancing act of promoting and protecting the image/ reputation of the organisation, communicating to the internal and external stakeholders, the public, doing media planning and strategies, event management, and using the new digital media for image creation and crisis management. Upon completion of this course, participants may progress to attend: Managing Media Relations and/or Effective Crisis Management Communications Learning Outcomes: Have a sound understanding of the general principles governing communications and the role of such a department in any organisation Maximising the potential returns of the Corporate Communications department Be aware of the different constituent parts of corporate communications that need to come together to make it work for the organisation. Brand / Image Positioning Develop creative communication skills Use Strategic Communications to increase your organisational positioning Understand how to use new media and digital communications to amplify your position, Have insights into strategies for crisis management Course Outline: An introduction to Corporate Communications Why it is not just PR, it is Strategic Communications The Elements of Corporate Communications Role of Corporate Communications in an organisation Strategic Goal-setting for Corporate Communications Organising the department Internal Communications Target Audience Forms – the Newsletter, e-mail updates, internal meetings Elements of internal communications External Communications Different Types of Coverage – magazines, news media, new media Elements to external communications Dealing with the Media and Stakeholders Different Forms of News Media The Strategic Approach Press Releases Damage Control Bad PR Organising Events What is a successful event? PR events and/or Message Dealing with Partners Course participants will be expected to develop a media strategy at the end of the course. This is an interactive course and participants will be expected to carry out some hands-on tasks. Who Can Benefit? For all Communicators, marketing executives/managers and those without much experience in this field. Designed for participants who want a basic understanding of corporate communications and how to harness its power for the organisation. phone: +2348023194131

Professional Telephone Skills for the Help Desk Course

Starts: 21st Oct, 2019

Location: Lagos Learning Centre, 1A Unity Road, Ikeja, Lagos


The help desk is a place where the relentless ringing of the phone can slowly drive a perfectly sane, patient and skilled help desk operator into a frazzled shell of their former self. In a world where the ubiquitous telephone plays such an important role in the customer service that an organization provides, it is worthwhile to review a few of the basics when it comes to using the phone, especially from the perspective of the help desk officer. For Help Desk Executives, Call Centre Executives, Receptionists, Secretaries, Customer Service Officers and other frontline people. For any help call Director of Program on +2348034963464

Become a Certified Web Designer and Developer

Starts: 16th Sep, 2019

Location: Suite B2, Glory Shopping Complex, Idimu-Ikotun Road, Lagos


With the ever increasing influence of the internet in our everyday life, there has never been a better time for one to equip themselves with the right skill-sets, of which one of the most important of them all is Web Design/Development. From companies, churches, schools, hospitals And NGO’s (non governmental organisation) etc, they all need websites to reach out to their followers or audience, which has given rise to the need for more websites, and as such there is also a huge demand for the services of more Web designers/Developers today. Learn how to design professional and neatly built websites. This course will take you through the elements of design and web development. You will learn how to code and also learn how to work with Content management Systems (CMS). With the ever increasing influence of the internet in our everyday life, there has never been a better time for one to equip themselves with the right skill-sets, of which one of the most important of them all is Web Design/Development. From companies, churches, schools, hospitals And NGO’s (non governmental organisation) etc, they all need websites to reach out to their followers or audience, which has given rise to the need for more websites, and as such there is also a huge demand for the services of more Web designers/Developers today. COURSE CONTENT HTML 5 CSS CMS Introduction to PHP Hosting and Domain Name Registration SEO (Search engine Optimization) You can also Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958

The Self Discovery Project EP04

Starts: 14th Sep, 2019

Location: Ventures Park, Abuja


The Goal is to live your everyday believing that you are a step closer to being your very best. ... It's my pleasure to bring to you all the details of the September Edition of The Self Discovery Project. ... Social media has developed over the years with large and consistent human traffic on its various platforms. This overtime has bridged the gap in reaching out to a large audience in an instant. ... You can make sales, promote your brand, share personal experiences, interact or connect with people, or simply just have fun having access to thousands of people just by putting out ‘the suitable and appropriate content’ on social media. ... The hard work then, is getting the right and most suitable content out there that would attract the desired traffic and make the intended impact. ... On this edition, we are putting together a conversation with industry experts to help teach and inform our participants on how to achieve genuinity and commercialisation of content. ... Facilitating this edition is @dejionadeko, @mc_lively @salemkinging and @eketiette ... Saturday the 14th of September by 10am at @Theventurespark for a reg fee of N5,000 (registration link in bio) ... Register now! Only 50 slots available. ... #TheSelfDiscoveryProject #TheSelfDiscoveryCoach #DejiOnadeko #MCLively #KingSalem #EketiEtte #Abuja #AbujaEvents #Impact #Inspire

Online Marketing Social Media, Google and Email Marketing Course

Starts: 29th Jul, 2019

Location: ilorin


This course is designed to provide an introduction to the operational mechanics and key marketing strategies associated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Email campaigning.Proving social media return on investment (ROI) can be tough. Learn how to use measurements to demonstrate exactly how social media creates value for your business. In addition it will help business owners, professionals, and nonprofit managers understand how to hire, guide, and monitor social media professionals. In addition, participants will learn how to leverage social media to enhance their online reputation and expand their career opportunities. Who should apply? Social media marketer, online marketers, online strategist, a student, a blogger, online business owners, the course will give you up-to-date knowledge and skills in digital marketing. Requirements: Basic computer knowledge Course Objectives By completing this course, participants will be able to:- Learning how to engage with millions of potential clients who use social media platforms. Increase traffic to your website content and increase on sales/awareness. Learn how to promote brands, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter Learning how to craft, implement, measure, and optimize a winning social media marketing strategy Identify the right audience and reach an unlimited number of prospective clients/audience using social media Get more value from your email campaigns. Work with social media goals to achieve successful online campaigns. Learning the social listening which is critically with openness Learn how to develop effective online marketing strategies for various fields. Identify setup and use the major social media and online marketing portals that can be used to promote a company, brand, product, service or person. Identifying appropriate social media and online marketing portals to influence consumer and improve the company’s reputation. Using social media and online marketing plan in achieving goals with a variety of measurement tools, services, and metrics. Learn how to set up a Facebook Business Account exclusively for business use and build out your Facebook page in a way that promotes your brand Learn how to use LinkedIn to connect with your target market, engage with prospects, and develop relationships with buyers as part of your sales process. Setup a Google Adwords account and learn how to setup an advert A Google+ profile can improve your search ratings and your customers reach. Learn how to create a Google+ page for your business with these social media marketing tips. Note All our courses can be Tailor-made to participants needs Course duration is flexible, and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days. Presentations are well guided, practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are expert with more than 10years of experience. One year free Consultation and Coaching provided after the course

Training on Digital/Social Media Skills

Starts: 8th Jul, 2019

Location: lagos


Digital technology has revolutionized the way in which people communicate and share information – at local, national and international levels. Organizations, including government, need to understand these changes so that they can operate effectively in a dynamic media environment. Social media is a term used to refer to online technologies and practices that are used to share opinions and information, promote discussion and build relationships. Social media services and tools involve a combination of technology, telecommunications and some kind of social interaction. They can use a variety of different formats, for example text, pictures, video and audio. Course Objectives At the end of this course the participants will be able to: Increase organizations access to audiences and improve the accessibility of organization communication; Enable organizations to be more active in its relationships with clients, partners and stakeholders; Offer greater scope to adjust or refocus communications quickly, where necessary; Improve the long-term cost effectiveness of communication; Benefit from the credibility of non-government channels; Increase the speed of public feedback and input; Reach specific audiences on specific issues; and Reduce organization dependence on traditional media channels and counter inaccurate press coverage. Who Should Attend Press Officers, Communication Officers, Public Relations Officers and others who are responsible for publicity and media relations. Course Content Discussing the digital/social media options and strategies Introduction to Face-book pages: best practices for organizations Introduction to Twitter Profiles - Twitter Best Practices for organizations Sharing photos and Videos online – options on mobile and social media Blogging – how to participate in forums and blogs and how to form partnerships with social media organizations; Mobile Web/and marketing Networking: Options for knowledge and information Sharing Effective use of digital media for campaigns General Notes This course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in the respective fields of practice. The course is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group works and case studies. Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate.

Mastering Digital and Social Media Marketing Course

Starts: 26th Aug, 2019

Location: 5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Divisional Police Station, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony


The Mastering Digital and Social Media Marketing training courses will discuss the following: The Digital Marketing Platform What really is digital marketing? Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing Recent trends in the global business and marketing world The components of Digital Marketing Having a strategy Defining your audience Matching your audience and your strategy (Optimization) Selecting your digital tools Social media marketing Measuring results and making continuous changes Building a lasting and profitable relationship with your audience Going from good to great: having a cult following. DAY TWO Social Media Marketing Social Media fundamentals What really is social media? How did the social media come about? How does the social media work? What are the current global trends for businesses? Facebook What really is Facebook? How big and effective is Facebook marketing? Why your company needs to be present and active on Facebook Marketing as against just placing adverts on Facebook Advanced Facebook marketing techniques Measuring your ROI Interesting Case Studies LinkedIn The Facebook exclusively for professionals and companies. How big and rewarding is LinkedIn marketing? Why your company needs to be present and active on LinkedIn Marketing strategy on LinkedIn Best practices for effective brand building on LinkedIn Measuring your ROI Interesting Case Studies DAY THREE Twitter Demystifying Twitter Introducing Twitter for business Finding out if Twitter will benefit you or not Setting up a proper marketing campaign on Twitter Measuring ROI Google, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing Google Adwords What is Google Adwords Understanding how it works Why you need to have your company adverts on Google Free Google training for businesses and marketers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) DAY FOUR Tracking your companies digital footprint Getting into the face of those who need your services/products White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Measuring ROI. Email Marketing Understanding what email marketing is Available platforms businesses use Mailchimp Aweber Constant Contact Madmini DAY FIVE Tying it all together as one Strategy Fitting everything together A/B campaign segment testing Case studies.

Strategies in Social Media Adverts/Marketing Course

Starts: 9th Sep, 2019

Location: 20 Harvey Road, Sabo Yaba


At the end of this Strategies in Social Media Adverts/Marketing participant will understand the following: Identification of the relevant social media Definition of the core objectives of using social media The imperatives of using social media marketing The wherewithal of social media Content analysis of effects of social media Managing the company social media publics Contact us now: 0803 411 3550

Effective Digital and Social Media Marketing Training

Starts: 19th Sep, 2019

Location: N0 14,Odeniran Close Oregun Link bridge, Opebi, Ikeja


Service Marketing Training will strive to familiarize course members with marketing principles that can be specifically applied to service businesses. This course will also provide course members a learning environment that will focus on practical applications of services marketing concepts, tools and techniques. The course aims at providing insights to: Nature of services and its impact on marketing Consumer behavior in services Marketing mix for services Understanding service quality, its measurement and management Service design through marketing research and blueprinting for efficient delivery Internal marketing Using technology to enhance services Phone: 01 293 3181

Media Relations for PR Professionals Course

Starts: 22nd Jul, 2019

Location: Lagos


This comprehensive course provides a clear-cut understanding of how the media works, strategies and skills for dealing with the media in a professional, responsible and fair manner. This course also explores today's media landscape and how to navigate it. It also goes further to examine how building solid relationships based with the media is a vital part of any communications strategy. Who should attend? This course will be of immense benefit to communication managers, marketing specialists, social media specialists and communication strategists Course Outcome Delegates will gain knowledge and skills on: Current media trends and challenges Networking and nurturing relationships Responding to and utilizing media coverage Utilizing media relations to best effect during a crisis Building a media strategy and protocol Strategic communication skills for effective message delivery

Effective Communication, Minutes and Report Writing Skills Course

Starts: 29th Jul, 2019

Location: 6B Rumuadaola Market Road, By Everyday Emporium 1, Off Aba Road, Rumuola, Port Harcourt


Today’s Secretary or Personal Assistant must be extremely competent and totally reliable, capable of taking on wider tasks than those of a purely secretarial nature. Solving problems, making decisions, writing reports and making presentations are now amongst the skills needed by secretaries and PAs at work. During this training participants will learn how to run a stellar office and stay in control, no matter how hectic the day gets. Content Fundamentals of Communication Strategies of Listening and Learning Effective Minutes taking Techniques Report Writing: Types and Basic Structure Editing and Proofreading Techniques I.T Aided Business Report Writing and Presentation Who Should Attend? Secretaries, Personal Assistants and office Administrators who which to move into more senior roles as well as wishing to develop and refine their skills.

Business Communication Skills Training

Starts: 22nd Jul, 2019

Location: Goal-Net Facilty Ikeja


Persuasive written and oral communication skills are crucial components of lasting success in nearly every management profession. The Business communication skills training will help delegates develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style and connection that leaves a powerful impression, leading to positive results for them and their organization.

Effective Crisis Communication Skills Training

Starts: 24th Jul, 2019

Location: lagos


Day One Introduction Definition of a crisis Overview of communication Various types of crises Key aspects of a crisis Evolution of a crisis Principles of crisis communications Setting your clear objective Responding quickly Accepting responsibility Appropriate messaging Profiling your audience Showing and maintaining credibility Coordinating with others Continuous monitoring Day Two Crisis management process Pre-crisis phase Crisis Management Plan (CMP) Crisis Management Team (CMT) The spokesperson's role Crisis event phase Initial response Reputation repair Post crisis phase Lessons learned Follow up with communication Crisis communication and media Media and communication Media as a partner in crisis response Social media and crisis communication Social media as a beneficial tool or a challenge Dynamic use of social media in crisis communication Day Three Dimensions of crisis communication management Standard operating decisions dimension Victims management dimension Trust and credibility dimension Behaviour dimension Professional expectations dimension Ethical dimension Lessons learned How to measure your results in a crisis Measuring outputs Measuring impact Measuring outcomes Steps for a measurement program Defining your objectives Defining your audience Defining your criteria and benchmarks Deciding upon your timing, budget and measurements tools Analysing results for conclusions and recommendations

Acquiring Public Speaking Skills With Ease Training

Starts: 30th Jul, 2019

Location: 1, Adegbeyemi Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja


This Course Acquiring Public Speaking Skills with Ease Target Audience: - Business and Media Professionals, Lawyers, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Producers, Teachers, Public Relations Executives, Preachers, Business Development Executives, Policy-Planners, Public Speakers, Marketers, CEOs and Directors… and People interested in acquiring quality presentation and public speaking skills Focus: Mastering the great art of public speaking can be learned and practised even by a chronically shy person who is determined to overcome such inhibition. With expert and passionate guidance from masters of the game of delivery and elocution. Modules: Understanding the Basics: Gaining Confidence and Poise Developing Flair or Talent Holding Audience Captive Overcoming Defects, Effects and Affectations Practical Exercises in Elocution

Marketing Communication and Selling Skills in a Stringent Economy

Starts: 11th Jun, 2019

Location: School of Media and Communication (SMC) Pan-Atlantic University, Main Campus. Km 52 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ibeju-Lekki


Selling is an exchange of a product or service for value. It is the final aim of all marketing and promotional efforts, without selling, marketing efforts are futile. Selling is a skill that can be taught and learnt. The School of Media and Communication (SMC), Pan-Atlantic University, is pleased to present a workshop aimed at helping participants develop key skills in marketing and selling. The workshop will provide answers to the following questions: where do sales and marketing strategies meet or diverge? Are there distinctive requisites that define marketing and selling? What marketing strategies and selling strategies will succeed in a depressing economy such as ours? What distinguishes the Big Sell from the Small (but continuous) Sell? Are there attributes and skills peculiar to salespersons in different industries in a stringent market like Nigeria’s? Can Personal selling skills succeed in a mass-customer field as it does in specialized fields? Are there psychological forces at play in selling? What special attributes are needed to be successful in selling products with varieties in model and price? What is digital selling? What is the effectiveness of digital selling in a multi-social-tier market like Nigeria’s? Please join us in a 4-day workshop as we seek answers to pertinent questions, which will help build new marketing and selling skills for you and your organization. Apply Now For Whom: Print and Electronic Media Practitioners General Salespersons Selling Function Supervisory Cadre Regular and Ad Hoc Selling Reps Sales Managers Customer Service Functionaries Outstation Selling Personnel (Regular and Ad Hoc) Foot and Motorized Selling Agents Agent Offices Specialized Sales Functionaries. Mode of Delivery: The workshop will be anchored by an array of experienced facilitators who are also industry practioners, with perfect understanding of the peculiarities of the Nigerian environment and the needs of sundry industry groups. The workshop will involve lectures, use of case study models, and a wide range of practical and enjoyable approaches that will bring out the best in the participants. It will therefore be very interactive and accommodating. Apply Now Enquiries: Isaac – 08033460440 Opeyemi Gazali – 0806 638 5629, 0805 812 7207 Email –

Lagos Digital Marketing Training

Starts: 31st Aug, 2019

Location: Work Station, Maryland Mall, Ikeja


Social media / Digital Marketing is about people connecting with each other and sharing content. It represents a huge opportunity for big and small brands to engage with people across various demographics and drive traffic to their websites. In this training, you will understand the potential of using social media for business and learn to make your brand’s presence more powerful using social media. You will understand the integration of content marketing and social media and its importance. You will also look at linking social campaigns with business goals and gauging your social media performance using key performance indicators. Join us at the LAGOS DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING. The largest digital marketing gathering in Nigeria. We are going to be revealing and giving you in the most practical ways and the secrets to a successful online marketing. You will learn how to move your business and career forward with online marketing. #DigitalMarketing #DigitalMarketingInIkeja #DigitalMarketingInNigeria #LagosDigitalMarketing #TrainingInLagos #TrainingInIkeja #OnlineMarketingTraining #ConferenceInNigeria #ConferenceInLagos #ConferenceInIkeja #LDMTSummit2018 #TradersballNigeria #Tradersball #Lagos #Ikeja #Nigeria

Communication, Design And Brand Strategy Class

Starts: 10th Aug, 2019

Location: Printivo HQ,180/182 Moyosore House, Ikorodu Rd, Onipanu B/stop


Discover how to communicate your offerings effectively. Discover how to capture significant market share, start with a strong brand strategy or you may not get far. Your brand design is not design - if it is not functional( Solving a Problem).

Negotiation and Influencing Skills

Starts: 29th Jul, 2019

Location: 144 Association Road, Dolphine Estate, Ikoyi


Becoming more aware of the influence and impact you have on others as well as understanding what drives your counterparts’ opinion and position is vital in order to become more proficient in negotiation and influencing. Our negotiation and influencing skills programme is a highly practical and interactive course designed to develop and enhance your skills to enable you influence and negotiate upwards or sideways within your organization, or with external clients and suppliers.

Video Editing Training

Starts: 3rd Aug, 2019

Location: 34/36, Ikorodu Road, Btw Diamond and Access Bank, after Jibowu, Fadeyi


Businesses needs video editors, events planners, individuals and organizations needs video editors, be the solutions to their wants be learning the art of video editing from our expert instructors using popular video editing software From scene editing to documentary editing, our video editing training will help you know how to make a movie, short film, or documentary. You will Learn how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using our professional and efficient techniques. By the end of the training, you'll have edited your own short video relative to your passion, using either video clips, photos, graphics, music, etc or your own footage! To be a part of this training kindly call call:07033134949, for more details


Starts: 19th Aug, 2019

Location: 3 Babs Osibo, Magodo phase 2


are you interested? Register at venue to attend

Powerful Leadership Communication and Influence Management Course

Starts: 11th Mar, 2019

Location: 5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Divisional Police Station, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony


Powerful communication is the key to effective leadership. This is a five-day practical ways for workplace communication in a variety of ways that senior officials should master if they plan to succeed. Broad Competencies Addressed Become more effective leader in communicating the organization’s goals and desired feedback. Be more skillful at applying excellent communication competencies on the job. Persuade and convince others in ways that obtain agreement or approval on ideas and views. Blend well in an environment of cultural diversity. Persuasiveness - ability to present ideas, influence and convince others to obtain agreement and approval on ideas negotiated. Become most skillful in the use of today’s communication technology tools. Use of English Language - ability to read, speak and write excellently in English, the official language for business. Course Contents Day One Defining Powerful Communication Communication is a Skill Powerful communicators and great leaders in history Communication Traits of Powerful Leaders Pulling people in with powerful messages A balanced use of inquiry and advocacy in communications Analysis of your preferred leadership communication style. The powerful communication potential in all of us. The Effectiveness of a Leader’s Communication On power and authority Effectiveness of a Leaders: character, conviction, personal examples Communication that generates organizational loyalty Communicating with motivating language Communicating requests: descriptive expectations, time frame, etc. Communicating Performance Issues: setting goals, agreeing actions, discussing feedback. Variety of Communication Skills for face-to-face Use of body-language Skills for telephone communication Communicating in writing. Formal and informal communication Planned communication- meetings, conferences, presentations Casual communication - face-to-face conversation, phone calls, emails. Communication Structures Downward communication Upward communication Lateral communication. Day Two A Model of Powerful Communication Sender planning a message Sender encoding the message Sender transmitting the message Receiver receiving the message Receiver decoding message Receiver responding based on understanding. Situational Leadership Communication Communication that tells/directs Communication that sells Communication that collaborates Communication that delegates Communication in situations of crisis Intelligent delivery of bad news Communication clarity: speaking in specifics, speaking in generalities, speaking in ambiguities. Questioning and Listening Skills of a Leader Effective listening skills to build rapport Questioning techniques that aid understanding Overcoming the barriers to good listening and feedback Masterful conversations with subordinates and superiors Conversation and Reasoning - deductive approach and the deductive approach. Applying Emotional Intelligence for Communication Communicating with motivating language Use communication to create rapport and build trust Credible communications and communicating to be credible Caring communication styles Communications that motivate. Day Three Communication to Create Employee Engagement On-going Communications: What the employee gets What the employee gives Sense of belonging Employee perception of growth and development. Communications of a change leader Communicating as a team leader Discretionary communication Plain speaking - delivering exactly the intended message. Communicating to Bridge Generational Divide Care in the choice of colloquial language, analogies, etc. Keeping your subordinates informed Keeping your superiors informed Attention to gender-sensitive expressions. Writing Competently for Effective Communication Planning the writing Organizing thought before writing Researching for facts Word usage Common errors in our use of English by Nigerians Simplicity and conciseness Confused words Outdated expressions Opinion words and expressions. Public Speaking Speaking directly to listeners emotions Putting in the energy that enhances your message Communicating with precision and accuracy How to suspend assumptions and judgment in a conversation What to learn from Leaders who talk themselves into trouble. Today’s communication technology tools The internet and intranet Email Social media. Day Four Achieving Maintaining Organizational Excellence The goals of power and influence Right action in and around leadership Investing in people Investing in outstanding workplace tools Leadership coaching for high performance Excellence in interpersonal communication Reinforcement of governance values Spirit of fair play versus self-serving ruthlessness. Maintenance of Authority Producing results Transforming power into influence Selection of appropriate influence strategy Interplay of power and ethics Techniques

How to Create Positive Customer Experience Training: Service as an Art and a Science

Starts: 21st Feb, 2019

Location: 5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Divisional Police Station, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony


This training is to make employees psychologically ready, supported with the skills-set to deliver impeccable customer service. After the programme, employees will be able to attend to more service demands and, in the process, strengthen the organization’s brand equity in a way that creates more customers. The training will also focus on how each employee relates with other employees in the organization regarding their key result areas, especially the critical ones like: Team spirit Knowledge of Internal-Customer concept Responsiveness and Time management Personal initiatives Interpersonal communications. Course Contents Day One The Basics of Customer Psychology Managing the Eight Different Customer Types Understanding Customer Relationship Management Responsiveness and Time management Interpersonal Communications Team spirit Knowledge of Internal-Customer concept Understanding How to Set Relevant Personal Standards Personal initiatives How Your Behavioral Styles Show Through Reading and Understanding Others’ Behavioral Styles. Day Two Defining Customer Experience Definition of Exceptional Service Living and Sustaining the Spirit of Enterprise. Emotional Intelligence in Service Add Emotional Value to Service Personal Technique for Maximum Emotional Connectivity Recover Dissatisfied Customers Understand that service glitches can be an opportunity to build loyalty. Learn how to create an open communication with customers Understand that your reactions will project your Feelings to the customers Know How Best to Act Upon Complaints Achieve Customer ‘Feel Good’ Goals.

Customer Service Certification Training

Starts: 19th Mar, 2019

Location: Newways Consulting Office


Newways’s customer service skills training is specifically designed to develop the participants’ skills and behaviour to offer exceptional customer care. It also empowers participants to provide effective solutions to customer facing problems, when they arise. Course Objectives By the end of this one-day course, the participants will have: Adopted a consistent, professional style when speaking with customers Developed skills in engaging with customers and handling their enquiries effectively Listened effectively, asked questions and summarized to respond fully to a customer request Identified ways they can add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations Practiced how to turn customer service disappointment into a positive experience Target Audience This course is ideal for anyone seeking training in customer service and customer care. The majority of delegates attending our customer services courses are in customer facing or customer support roles, who want to develop their customer service skills and behaviour. We are also experienced at providing in-house tailor-made training courses in customer services, as well as longer term programmes to meet specific organization goals and service standards. Our customer service training is always aligned to the most frequent method of communication used to connect with your customers e.g. face to face, telephone, email. Course Overview Module 1: Introduction to Customer Service What Is Customer Service? What does great service look like and feel like? Sharing our own experiences of good and bad service Responsibility for customer service Stepping into your customers’ shoes Developing a Customer-Centric Mindset Who Are Your Customers? Internal Customers External Customers When and Where Does Customer Service Take Place? The Need For Customer Service - Rewards Penalties What Does Customer Service Mean To You? Unpleasant Experiences Satisfying Experiences Developing a Customer Friendly Attitude Evaluation Excitement is Contagious Individual and group exercises facilitated group discussion Module 2: Customer Service: Communication Skills Developing Effective Communication Skills Presenting a Professional Image Non-verbal Communication Skills Body Language Key Body Language Aspects Physical Distance Verbal Communication Skills Choice of Words Tone of Voice The Choice of Words May I _ Please _ Thank You _ The Close _ Being Positive _ Tone of Voice _ Inflection _ Energy _ Volume _ Pace Module 3: Customer Analysis: Knowing your Customer Knowing Your Customer - Customer Expectations Assertive Working Style Results-Oriented Analytical - Details-Oriented Amiable - People-Oriented Dominant Behavioral Style Determining Your Level of Service Module 4: Calming Upset Customers What Makes Customers Upset? Avoiding Upsets Identifying the nature of customer complaints What to Do When You Are Upset? What Can You Do to Avoid Upsets? Turning disappointment into delight 5 Key Steps to Calming Upset customers Accurately identify the problem. Responding to customer complaints Introducing colleagues to resolve customer service issue Confirm the Customer’s Value Synchronize and Summarize Conclude by Affirming the Customer’s Value Again Group discussion, presentation, exercise with group review Module 5: Telephone Customer Service Mastering the Telephone Answering the Telephone A Professional Greeting Active Listening Putting Callers on Hold Recommendations Transferring A Call Taking A Message _ Voice Mail Closing the Call Module 6: Internet Customer Skills The Internet Customer E-Mail _ E-mail Communication Guidelines Online Chat Internet Customer Skills Scripted Responses _ Introduction Placing a Chat on Hold _ Closing a Chat session Websites _ Knowledgebase _ FAQ _ Auto responders _ Customer Online Support Module 7: Time Management Strategies Time Management Taking Control of Your Time Time Analysis: Task Identification Task Analysis Personal Suitability Efficiency Task Analysis Task Prioritization Relative Importance _ Time-frame _ Time Wasters Module 8: Stress Management Strategies Stress Management What is Stress? _ What Causes Stress? Stress Symptoms _ What Can Be Done to Manage or Even Eliminate Stress? Do Something That You Love Don’t Feel Responsible to Solve Every Situation Have A Hobby _ Rest, Take That Vacation _ Exercise _ Be Organized We All Make Mistakes Applying the learning and next steps Review of learning and action planning Course feedback The customer service training will be supported with: An optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading covering customer care

Archiving and Information and Record Management in the Public Service Workshop

Starts: 23rd Jul, 2019

Location: Windsor Training and Consulting Nigeria Office


Getting the right information at the right time and place is one of the critical success factors in today's highly competitive world. Proper record management and archiving enhance organizations - public and private ability to proactively respond to opportunities and threats. Skills Development At the end of this Archiving and Information and Record Management in the Public Service Workshop, participants will be able to: Assess and plan for the care and development of their archives Arrange and classify records to make them accessible to users Protect information, documents and records in the archive Discuss concepts, terminologies and best practices in records management Introduction to electronic document management Organizational Benefits Participants will gain a better understanding of how to manage risks to information and records thus saving the organization millions of dollar in case of disaster. Course Content Information and record management. Sources of risks to information and records. Cataloguing and arrangement of records Electronics document management systems and Archiving. Target Audience Record and Information Officers